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Oaks of the Wild West


Constant wind driving
you crazy?

We have fast growing trees that are perfect that grow into a great wind break!

Suggested wind break trees are:

Blooming Trees!

The Palo Verde, commonly seen throughout Arizona and New Mexico and into Nevada and other western states blooms usually in late fall. They have also survived well in the Austin area.

Another blooming tree is the Anacacho Orchid.  If you are looking an outstanding fragrant Spring blooming tree, this is the one!

Also consider Eve's Necklace, a native Spring bloomer. 

Texas has two native Red Bud varieties, the Texas Redbud and the Mexican Redbud.  Each has distinctive leaves and bloom in early Spring with a lovely fragrance.

All of these native trees are also very drought tolerant.

Oaks of the Wild West

It's not to late to plant a new tree!

Throughout the winter, tree were expanding their root systems.  Now with this year's Spring flush, you can see the result, another foot or two (or more) of branch growth.  Remember, because you're planting in the Spring, be sure and water your new tree(s) regularly!  Depending on Spring rains, you may need to water at least once a week.

Considering an Oak tree
but you have a small garden space?
There are several smaller Oak trees options.

Consider purchasing the Vasey Oak, the typical maximum height is 10 to 12 feet. And it has nice fall color.  It's occasionally found in mountains around Medina Texas. 

Another option is a Mohr's Oak .  Another tough drought tolerant tree that grows to 10 or 12 feet.  It's considered a scrub Oak, meaning it can sometimes be found in low-lying ditches and near rivers or creeks.

A new tree to the nursery is the Hinkley Oak, another smaller Oak.  We only have small saplings now but will be adding it our tree list when they are available.

Italian Stone Pines

Several Italian Stone Pines

Looking for a
native Pine tree?

Arizona has a wide variety of native Pine trees that grow in different locations throughout the country. Texas has a few native Pine trees too!  (One primarily grows in Central Texas, the Pinus Remota!)

Some of the common Arizona Pine trees are: Allepo Pine (Pinus halepensis), Apache Pine (Pinus engelmannii), Chihuahua Pine (Pinus leiophylla var. chihuahuana), Cluster Pine (Pinus pinaster), Colter Pine (Pinus coulteri), Concolor Fir (Abies concolor), Elderica Pine (Pinus elderica), Mexican Pinyon Pine (Pinus cembroides), Singleleaf Pinyon (Pinus monophylla) and Southwestern White Pine (Pinus stroboformis).

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Native trees
that meet your garden needs!

Texas Live Oak

Looking for an Native Tree?

Doesn't matter if you are East Coast, or West Coast, we ship throughout the U.S.

If you are traveling in the area, be sure and arrange a time to visit one of our nursery locations.

Sierra Vista AZ
Dripping Springs, Tx

We recently shipped to a North Carolina Arboretum to 'fill in' their collection of Native Oak Trees.

Native Tree and Plant Resource

Visitors come from around the state and the nation, including:

Native Tree Nursery

Our nursery specializes in collecting a wide variety of Oak species.  With our connections, we collect acorns from around the world, including a wide variety of California Native Oaks.

We have two nursery locations, Central Texas and SE Arizona.  Our original location is outside of Sierra Vista in Southeastern Arizona.

We can help you make the right selection of native trees for your area, from California to Virginia and in-between.

List of current Native Oak trees we carry

We carry a limited amount of other Oak tree species as well : Netleaf Oak (Quercus rugosa).

The Mexican Blue Oak is a unique tree native to Arizona and Texas. The leaves are strong a dark blue color and have an unusual shape. The tree is very drought tolerant. When new leaves appear on the plant they are a wonderful light pink color. Typically, throughout the winter the tree is evergreen, however during the last severe cold winter with temperatures down to 3 degrees, the leaves were affected, but the plants survived.

In the mountains in Arizona, we collect our acorns at about 5,500 feet. Our nursery located outside of Sierra Vista is at 4,400 feet and the Silver Leaf grows well here. The Silver Leak Oak also grows in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

The native Vasey Oak has a sharp pointed leaf and tiny acorns. The tree typically grows in very dry conditions to a height of around 10 feet. If you're looking for a great SMALL oak tree, consider purchasing the Vasey.